Membership: 300:- SEK per year.

For our members all our practices are free.


OBS! Before any kind of payment contact our treasurer!! OBS!

When using our transfer service, allways attach your complete personal number to the payment for identification.

To see the schedule for our classes and other events, check out our calendar at the bottom of this page! We don’t acctually have any english version of it.

Our classes

We try to offer our members at least one class a week all year around. But some times we can’t offer that much, and some times we can offer alot more! Just remember that we do all our work in the association for free! 

Winter season

During winter we practice indoors in different schools. Our indoor practices usually start in the middle of October and continue to the middle of May. To attend these practices you have to be a member.

Summer season

urThis is the prime time for parkour. During the summer we practice outdoors as much as we can. The practices are more free and playful.

To see a map over good training spots in Umeå Click Heremap.html